The Professional Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba has several categories of membership:

  • Professional
  • Provisional
  • Associate Non-Practicing
  • Associate, Out of Province
  • Emeritus
  • Honorary
  • Lay Members
  • Student

Professional Members

Professional Members are full members of the Association. They have either passed the NCIDQ examination or were grandfathered when the NCIDQ was adopted. Only Professional Members can use the term “Professional Interior Designer” in the Province of Manitoba as mandated by our Act and the acronym PIDIM on their business cards and signature lines

Provisional Members

Provisional Members hold a conditional certificate until such time as they undertake to write and pass the NCIDQ examination. Provisional  Members may use the designation Provisional Member of The Professional Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba.  Acceptable versions for business cards and signature lines “PIDIM Provisional” or “PIDIM Prov.” after their name.  The CIDQ requires at least six years combined of college-level Interior Design education and Interior Design work experience for exam eligibility. Provisional Members must designate themselves as such.

All Professional and Provisional Members must carry Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance.

Associate Members

Associate Members are individuals who wish to retain contact with The PIDIM but are not full Professional Members. Associate Members include:

  • Emeritus Members: those who have rendered meritorious service to the profession and are retired.
  • Associate Non-Practicing Members.
  • Associate Out-of-Province Members.
  • Honorary Members: those who are non-Interior Design Professionals who have made a significant contribution to the PIDIM or to the profession of Interior Design in Manitoba.
  • Lay Members: are appointed Council members
  • Student Members