What is the difference between a designer and a decorator?

Refer to the NCIDQ Examination article “Differences Between Interior Design & Decorating”.

What do I need to know if I am considering a career in Interior Design?

If you are considering a career in Interior Design, please visit the excellent resource Careers in Interior Design (

Does The PIDIM recognize Interior Design correspondence courses?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept a correspondence program certificate for membership. The PIDIM recognizes CIDA accredited programs.  

Is there an Industry Standard rate that a Professional Interior Designer charges?

No. A Professional Interior Designer’s rate depends on many factors such as the scope of work and the Interior Designer’s experience.

Careers & Hiring

How do I hire an Interior Designer?

Members of The PIDIM may have a listing in the Winnipeg Yellow Pages under Interior Designers, Professional. Please confirm with our membership listing or by contacting The PIDIM office.