February 1949

A group of student interior designers at the University of Manitoba formed the Society of Student Interior Designers (S.S.I.D.). The Society’s first objective was “to obtain Legislative recognition of Interior Designers in Manitoba and later in Canada.”

Early 1950’s

As a result of the groundwork initiated by the S.S.I.D, an organization of professionals was formed; the Manitoba Institute of Interior Designers (M.I.I.D.). Shortly thereafter, members of the M.I.I.D group submited a bill to incorporate an Act cited as “the Interior Designers Act”. The professional organization name was revised for the passing of the Bill to the Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba (I.D.I.M)

March 17, 1954

The act to incorporate the Interior Designer’s Institute of Manitoba was passed by the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba under Bill No. 38.


In 1979, the 25th Anniversary celebration “Silver Reflections” — a masque Ball, was held at the Squash Racquet Club in Winnipeg to mark the IDIM’s 25th Anniversary.


In 1980, The PIDIM adopted the use of the NCIDQ qualifying examinations.

May 26, 1981

The I.D.I.M petitioned the Provincial Government to preserve and protect the name and profession of Interior Design. This resulted in our current name, the Professional Interior Designer’s Institute of Manitoba (P.I.D.I.M). The legislation gave self-governing powers to The PIDIM, including the formal complaints and discipline process which the government considers mandatory in all professional legislation.  Two lay people were appointed as representatives of the public. 

January 1982

January 1982, Manitoba was the second province to enact legislation creating an Interior Design profession.  The Interior Designers Act had become law, under the conditions the association would be renamed “The Professional Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba”, and only recognized members would be permitted to use the title Professional Interior Designer,  The PIDIM would be responsible for professional development, admission standards, and ethical conduct.


In 2004, The PIDIM celebrated its 50th anniversary with a lecture entitled:  Advancing the Interior Design Profession. The event was held at the University Women’s Club – original meeting place of the IDIM.


In 2010, The PIDIM entered into a new agreement with the other Provincial associations and the Interior Designers of Canada in building a Regulatory Framework.  The PIDIM created the Manitoba Design Exposition - a one day trade show for the design community of Manitoba.


In 2019, The PIDIM is celebrating the 65th anniversary of the original passing of “the Interior Design Act” with a Gala event at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and is hosting the Manitoba Alberta Saskatchewan Interior (MASI) Design Awards.